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The Road to "I Do"

Did you know that 40% of wedding proposals happen between the Christmas season and Valentine’s Day? The average length of an engagement is 13 months, so once you are engaged, where do you start with planning for your perfect wedding?

Over the last three years, we have hosted over 200 spectacular weddings at Curry Estate. Here is our take on the list of the most important steps leading up to your special day:

● Budget

● Location & venue

● Date

● Theme & colors

● Wedding party

● Guest list and invitations

● Registry

● Website

● Entertainment

● Photographer

Last month, Kimberly paid us the nicest compliment when she told us that she and her fiancé wanted to have their wedding here. When they were touring Curry Estate, they said the friendly, hospitable atmosphere, as well as the property itself, made them feel so welcome, they wanted to celebrate with us! Our emphasis on family is what sets us apart from other prospective wedding venues. Curry Estate is owned by the six Curry sisters, and we strive to make our brides and grooms, their families, and their guests feel like a part of our family too. We will only schedule one wedding per day, so that 100% of our focus is on you!

Give us a call at 845-221-1941 or visit our website to request information on our wedding packages and to book a tour. We would love to host your special day!

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