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Chicken or Steak?

With 40% of wedding proposals happening between November and February, winter is always a busy time for us. We love hearing from newly engaged couples as they start planning for their special day, and it’s no surprise that several of the questions we receive have to do with food.


Today, we sat down with Carl Rosengren, our banquet chef, to talk about planning the perfect wedding meal. Carl has been with Curry Estate (and formerly Le Chambord) for 12 years and has produced thousands of dishes for all of the weddings and special events that we have hosted. After graduating from the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in 1986, Carl started working at Le Chambord as pastry chef. He then worked at top-tier resorts in San Diego and Vermont before returning here in 1995, all the while winning awards and competitions for his creations, including wedding cakes. Carl also spent over 20 years working as Executive Chef for corporations including General Electric and IBM, and in 2020 came back to Le Chambord as it transitioned to Curry Estate and Restaurant Six. 


[Curry Estate] - Carl, as newly engaged couples start thinking about their wedding venue and food, where should they start?


[Carl Rosengren] - Before you start touring wedding venues, talk to each other and to your families and form some ideas as to what kind of wedding you want to have. For example, are you planning a formal affair or something more intimate? The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to make yourself happy. That sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many couples forget to keep that front and center. When it comes to food, of course, you also want to make your guests happy, and the best way to please as many people as possible is to keep it simple. I mean, how many people will actually eat a grilled octopus appetizer?


[CE] - Are there any food trends when it comes to wedding meals?


[CR] - I would say 99% of our couples order chicken, steak, and fish entrees for their guests. That doesn’t mean dishes need to be the same as you’ve had at other weddings or special events. Our wedding packages offer a variety of options to choose from, and we can always work with you to customize your meal.


Also, there seem to be more food allergies and dietary restrictions these days. That’s not a problem as long as the bride and groom inform us in advance.


[CE] - What should a caterer (or in our case, the restaurant) provide when a couple comes in for a tasting? 


[CR] - During our tastings, we present the couple with options for their menu based on the wedding package they have chosen. We prepare samples of the appetizers and salads they’re most interested in, and we serve entree selections that they think most of their guests will enjoy. 


[CE] - Any last thoughts you would like to share?


[CR] - On your wedding day, you and your guests will be here to socialize and celebrate. It’s our job to make sure your meal is exactly how you want it to be and to ensure you will not have to worry about the quality, service, and timing.  We want our wedding couples to be thrilled with the food they are served on their special day. 


To request a wedding package and a tour of Curry Estate, visit our website at

Check out what some of our past wedding couples had to say about the food:

"Working with "the sisters" at the Curry Estate was such a great experience! Cathleen and Dawn, in particular, were my "go to" sisters in planning for our dream wedding. They were genuine people, open to our ideas and flexible with our wants and needs. This is exactly the team you want for your wedding day. They will make your vision come to life, never saying no to a request. Sometimes wedding venues lack on food quality, but not the Curry Estate. Their food was excellent, from cocktail hour through dinner, the food was exceptional. In fact, many of our guests raved about it afterwards and were impressed for how good the food. Go for a tasting or to their restaurant to see for yourself. Our bridal party also stayed on site, and the accommodations were really special and unique. From start to finish, we could not have asked for a more perfect place. Looking back, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Thank you so much!"

-A Francesca

"I recently got married at Curry Estate and the experience was magical. I can't say enough nice things about the owners and staff - they did everything we ask and even more and made the day (and entire weekend) amazing for all my guests. The food was amazing, from the welcome event, to cocktail hour, to the dinner. I never once felt overwhelmed and the event went off without a hitch. I cannot recommend Curry Estate enough for all they did for us. We had 200 people at wedding, with over 120 coming from the West Coast and I am still getting compliments from my friends and family about the event and the venue."

-B Peters

"I cannot thank these 6 unbelievable women & staff enough!! I had my wedding here 10.06.23 which was chaotic to say the least. They took control & brought everything together better than I could imagined!! FOOD: unbelievable Service: Top Tier! They were so chill & cool, laid back. Professional, reliable full capable women, yes plz! The estate is timelessly classy, with great photo opportunities …I couldn’t have asked for more!! 100star recommend"

-S Murphy

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