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More Behind The Name Change

If you have driven past us lately you may have noticed a change – the “Le Chambord” sign has been replaced by “Restaurant Six!” Rest assured, the Six Curry Sisters (hence the name) still own Curry Estate, and it is the same 4-star restaurant serving the same delicious food.

In 2018, the six of us started talking seriously about going into business as a family. We were each entering new chapters in our lives, and the prospect of finding the right opportunity where we could work together was really exciting. All of us have had experience working in different parts of the hospitality industry, and we were drawn to the idea of finding a restaurant and venue that would bring us back home to the Hudson Valley.

When we first visited Le Chambord, we knew it was the right place for us. Although we had never eaten at the restaurant while growing up, our father always raved about the food. Our mother ran a local bed and breakfast and was an antiques dealer, and we loved the historic charm and character in the main house (and restaurant), which dates back to the 1860’s. Roy, the former owner, had a small antiques shop on the property, and he had decorated the restaurant space with some incredible period pieces.

Our vision for our restaurant was to serve exceptional meals in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We wanted our guests to feel comfortable. Le Chambord was known as a high-end French restaurant where people would come for special occasions; Restaurant Six would build on that reputation and expand it. Today, whether our guests stop by on the fly for a casual night out or want to celebrate an important event, they are treated to the same high quality, French-inspired, local Hudson Valley cuisine.

If you have not yet met the Curry Girls or experienced Restaurant Six, please stop by and say hello! Stay tuned for more details regarding our Restaurant Six grand opening during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, March 20 - April 2, 2023!

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